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Information of Tiberias
The city of Tiberias



In the year 18 DC, Herodes Antipas, the son of Herodes Big, constructed a new city of style helenístico on the ruins of the Biblical Rakkat, to the north of the city of Hammat on the shore west of the most beautiful Mar de Galilea, and to approximately 200 meters under the sea level. It called Tiberiades in honor Tiberio, the emperor of Rome. At first the Jews refused to move and live in the place, but after the destruction of Jerusalem this city turned into center of the Jewish cultural and spiritual activity.

Here there met the sanhedrin, renowned rabbis, wise persons and students resided in her, the mishna and the Talmud Jerosolimitano were completed in her. Tiberiades gained the reputation of being one of Four Sacred Cities of the Antiquity. At present, thanks to his tropical climate, thermal springs of mineral waters, antiquities and panoramic conference, Tiberiades is a recognized and popular one spa, attractive tourist center in winter and in summer.

Spa of Tiberiades (Jamei Tberia)

Already from the antiquity it was famous Tiberiades for his curative springs, as numerous histories of the epoch testify it and for the coins you mint there during the year 110 DC, with the sphinx of Hygeia, goddess of the health. Recently a modern spa has been constructed on the springs which curative powers and rejuvenecedores they are between the most effective of the world, especially to treat rheumatism and disorders of nervous character.

The facilities include a series of public sinks and private baths, rooms of treatment with mud, a department of physical therapy, laboratories and clinics.
"Young Tiberias Hot Spring", an extremely sophisticated recreational and therapeutic center, includes two sinks of swimming of mineral water, a wing of physical therapy and other tourist facilities.


At short distance of trip of the Sea of Galilee, and in any direction, there exist places of natural beauty and historical meaning, turning Tiberiades into an ideal center for excursions. Towards the north the route passes for Vered HaGalil, stay of category and Korazim where there can be appreciated the basaltic remains of a synagog of the IIIrd century.

More to the north, on the foot of the mountains of the High Galilee the place of the historical Jatzor is, a city - the state canaanita destroyed by Josue, fortitude of King Salomón turns then into one of the cities. The Jatzor finds, one of the most interesting archaeological places of Israel, are exhibited in the museum of the near kibbutz Ayelet Hashajar, which possesses also an accommodation.

The route continues towards the north, up to Metula, where the "good barrier" on the border with the Lebanon and the nature reserve of "Tanur" there are interesting tourist attractions. I travel Metula, the Jula nature reserves and They give, the Museum tel Jai, the Such national park and the sinks and cascades of Banias, there are places that it recommends not to stop visiting especially.

To the south of Jatzor the route is opened towards the west, towards rosh Pineapple, one of the first Jewish modern peoples, and keeps on raising towards the city of Tzfat (safed), ancient city of the Jewish mysticism, at present a place of favorite summer holiday and artists' colony.
To the west of Tzfat the mount Merón is, with his ancient synagog and the graves of the wise persons, to which numerous Jewish pilgrims come every year during the festivities of Lag Bahomer.

Another route towards the west begins close to the kibbutz Amiad and happens for the nature reserve of Najal Hamud, where prehistoric men remains have been. To the west of Tiberiades, the way leads Nazareth, where Jesus spent his adolescence and where the Basilica of the Announcement is.
Traveling towards Nazareth, there becomes detached towards the right a way that he leads towards Karmei jitin, a hill of two peaks where Saladino conquered the crossed ones, and Nabi Shueib, the traditional Itró grave, the father-in-law of Cradle and prophet of the Druzes, who come every year to the place in peregrinaje.

Before Nazareth there is Kfar Kanna, Canna of the Galilee, where, in accordance with the Christian tradition, Jesus realized the miracle of weddings turned water into wine during one. To the west of Tiberiades there is also the prominent Nickname Tabor, the Mount of the Transfiguration, and the place where the prophetess Débora assembled the Israelis to conquer Sísera the Canaanita. Of the this side of the lake the Heights of the Golan get up.

Places of special interest are Brejat Hameshushim, a deep internal sink surrounded by natural hexagonal basaltic columns; the forest Iehudia, nature reserve with cascades and a concentration of ancient gigantic stones (dolmens); Kastzrin, a new city with ruins of an ancient synagog.
More spectacular even is Gamla, a hill in the shape of camel where the Jewish rebels committed suicide before delivering to the Romans in the year 67 Dc. Hammat Gader, in the outskirts of the river iarmuj, deserves a special visit.

It is an ancient spa with remains of Roman spa, with waters that have been turned away by means of channels across a beautiful park. To the northwest of the Heights of the Golan the mount Jermon is with his covered with snow, special peak for enthusiasts of the ski. To the south of Tiberiades the route comes to Kineret and to Degania, prosperous kibutzim located in the mouth of the river Jordan.

The Rambam grave

Rabbi Moises ben Maimon (Maimonides), born in Spain in 1135, was one of the big wise persons and philosophers of his epoch. Rabbi Moises, or the Rambam, studied also medicine in Cairo and turned into an exceptional doctor tied to the Egyptian court.
The Rambam, together with his father, brother and sister, happened five months in the Holy Land in the year 1165. After his death in 1204 a peregrinaje place was buried in Tiberiades, where his grave identical with target, is up to the present.

The grave of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes

Looking down from the Spa, DC finds the traditional grave of the Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes, of the IInd century. Pupil of Rabbi akiva, his knowledge and knowledge, in particular his teacher's skill, credited the name of Meir (Illuminator).
The legend counts the form in which it saved his hand sister-in-law of the Romans, being called since then The holder of the miracle (Baal Hanes). Two synagogs, a Sefaradi, constructed in 1873 and another Ashkenazi, constructed 25 years later, they mark the place of the last rest of the Rabbi.
The believers, approaching the grave, request I helped them to solve his personal problems.

Rabbi's grave Akiba

One of the legendary heroes of the Judaism, Rabbi Akiva enjoyed a long and fruitful life. Born in a peasants' family in judea in the year 50 DC, when child, the uncultured Akiva was dealing with attending to the herds of a rich Jerosolimitano whose beautiful daughter, Raquel, fell in love with the young shepherd and induced it to study.
East, spent a few years, turned into one of the exceptional students of the Jewish people. Big nationalist, it was identified by the Bar revolution kojba and in the year 135 DC it was martyred and executed by the Romans. His grave excavated in the rock, with a white dome, differs on the hillside of one of the hills near to the city.

The sea of Galilee

With form of harp or Lyre - in Hebrew "Knor", from which there comes his Hebrew name of Kineret - the Sea of Galilee, also called Tiberiades lake is a wonderful lake of fresh water shut up between mountains.
On the west the hills of Galilee rise bordering on the exuberant Plain of Ginnosar, and to the east the Heights of the Golan. Crossing the Sea of Galilee, the river Jordan flows from his surgente in the north up to the Dead Sea in the south.

The waters of the lake are furrowed by ships of fishing, sailing ships and ships of excursion of brilliant colors. 22 km long, 14 km in his most wide point and at a 210 m level under the sea level, the Sea of Galilee is the most extensive lake of fresh water of Israel and principal water tank.
It is also one of the most important historical and recreational areas. On the extreme northwest, where the river Jordan ends in the Sea of Galilee, there is Betzadia, where there resided the apostles fishermen, San Andrés, San Pedro and San Felipe.

Following the line of the coast towards the west, we can come to the ruins of the ancient synagog of Capernaum (Kfar Najum). Close to there meets Tabja, the traditional place of the multiplication of the breads and the fish, the remains of an elaborated Byzantine Mosaic apartment and the adjacent Sanctum of the Novelty, or Mensa Cristi (Christ's table).

For on Tabja there rises the Mount of the Beatitudes (Har Haosher), where Jesus preached the Sermon of the Mountain. Immediately on the south there is the Plain of Ginnosar, name taken the kibbutz placed there, that produces a hostel on the banks of the lake.

In this fertile plain the Migdal people is also, possibly the hearth of Maria Magdalen, of which Jesus banished the "seven demons". Arbel, close to there, is a cliff it filled of caves that served as secret storage to the Jewish rebels in Herodes time. Spending Tiberiades, in direction of the south, the way of the coast comes to Ohaló, adjacent cultural center to the Tel (archaeological hill) of Beit Yeraj (house of the moon), where archaeologists found remains of an ancient synagog, a Roman house of baths and a Byzantine church of the VIth century.

On the east coast, crossing the lake, opposite to the pier of the city of Tiberiades, there is the fishermen's kibbutz Ein Guev, renamed by his summer festivals of music and you dance, and connected with Tiberiades be already by ship as for way. Behind the same one the mount Susita rises with the ruins of the Greek city Hippos in his top.
A little to the north of Ein Guev Kursi is, with the remains of a church and a monastery, in the place where Jesus expelled and moved the devil of inside of a man possessed towards a herd of pigs.

Citadel of the North

The fortitude - castle, so called Citadel of the North, was not eregida for the crossed ones but for the son of Daher Omar, Chulabi, during the XVIIIth century.

Church of San Pedro in Holy Land

The Franciscan Church of San Pedro, he commemorates the miraculous fish fishing, and she is located on the banks of the lake. Constructed during the XIIth century by the crossed ones, it turned into mosque under the Moslem order, then into trailers accommodation and again into church. Reconstructed in the year 1870, expanded in the year 1903 and then restored in 1944 to his current architectural form, the church of San Pedro shows a ship faced to the east in the shape of ship. In the courtyard there is a monument raised by Polish soldiers quartered in the accommodation during the Second World war.

Source: Jai Uruguay

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