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Information of Nazareth
The city of Nazareth


The people of the adolescence of Jesus, calm people qe is in the hills of the Galilean Fall and for on the green vale of Izrael (Esdraelon). With his beautiful construídas with white stone and his avenues arboleadas with olive trees, it is probalemente very similar to the days in which Jesus was living there with his parents, Jose the carpenter and Maria, who was going diarimente to look for water to the cistern that still today takes his name.

Nazareth is inhabited nowadays by approximately 40.000 inhabitants, to whom the half they are Christian and rest of Muslims. Dominated by the splendid Church of the Announcement, his celestial profile presents the outlines in peak of numerous belfries and domes of several churches, of different denominations, as well as convents, chapels and schools and chopping of the bells it joins his delight. Dispersed between the temples, there are numerous restaurants and oriental coffees, as well as a coloring fair, where the merchants of the surroundings meet to offer his products. In the top of the hill, there has got up a modern Jewish city called Nazareth Ilit.

Nazareth entered the history on having been recognized like the place of the announcement and where the Archangel Gabriel appeared before Maria to announce Jesus's arrival to him, turning into center of peregrinaje I Christen together with the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

After the Nativity in Bethlehem and the trip to Egypt, the Sacred Family returned to Nazareth where Jesus grew and later he preached in the synagog, in an epoch in which the country was in the confusion and the riot.
From these days, the Christian world has remained fascinated by the city of Nazareth and his mystical and religious associations. In the year 326 DC, the Emperor Constantino, to order of his mother Reina Helena, made to construct the first church in Nazareth, a Byzantine basilica, on the traditional place of the house of Virgin Mary.

When the Muslims invaded the region in the year 636 Dc, they destroyed the city, which remained in ruins up to his restoration for Crossed in the XIIth century. One century later the Saracenos massacred the Christian population and beat the churches of the Crossed ones in. In the XVIIth century a group of Franciscan friars obtained permission to return to Nazareth. Since then, churches, monasteries and schools were established. A mosque was agragada in 1814.
In the last decades, Nazareth has grown and has expanded. Every year tens of thousands of pilgrims and visitors they are attracted by his temples looking for such a necessary sustenance and spiritual inspiration.

City of peregrinaje I Christen

Basilica of the Announcement: This magnificent church, completed in 1966, is one of the most revered temples of the Christian faith. Construída on the ruins of the Byzantine and crossed churches, part of which have been restored, marks the traditional place of the Announcement. His depositor structures, crowned by a dome decorated in the shape of pyramid and covered with copper, consists of two apartments. The low apartment keeps like relic the Cave of the Announcement, flanked by two columns of red granite. The top apartment connected to the low one for a wide stairs, serves like parochial church for the public religious services. There is brought in to the same one by a delicate porch of the side west and a recova opened in the south side of the building. The designer, Teacher Muzio, has introduced numerous decorative characteristics at the head, altar, pulpits, reliefs and murals.

Church of San Gabriel: This is the Greek Orthodox Church of the Announcement, construída at the end of the XVIIth century on the remains of another three churches. It contains a crypt with a water surgiente, which one is the origin of Maria's source, placed in the main street of Nazareth and connected to an aqueduct. In accordance with the tradition, it was in the above mentioned source where the Archangel Gabriel presented before himself for the first time before Maria, the robust walls of stone of the church of San Gabriel, embraced by two square towers, dominate the square of the market of Nazareth.

Church of San Jose: To the north of the Basilica of the Announcement the Church of San Jose is, on the traditional place of his carpentry. It was construída on the ruins of an ancient church of Crossed of the XIIIth century. It is famous for his crypt at the entry of the low church, his press of wines with Byzantine mosaics along with an underground cave and a silo.

Church Synagog: The Church Synagog, a humble structure that is close to the square of Nazareth, marks the place of an ancient synagog where one believes that Jesus preached in his juvenile years and where he read Isaías's prediction that was foreseeing the arrival of the Messiah. Seven steps, inscriptions and other Jewish symbols are between the relics found close to the church.

Mensa Christi: Chapel fraciscana, construída in 1861 alrrededor of a big block of limestone, which, in accordance with the tradition, served as table to Jesus and his Disciples after the Resurección.

Jesus's church the Adolecente: Construída in 1918 in the style of the XIIIth century, this church salesiana is a wonderful stones building, with interior props composed by pieces of delicate columns rising towards the roof in the shape of vault. It is adorned by Jesus's marble statue is Adolecente created by Bogino.


Nazareth is placed on the halfway between the Mediterranean sea on the west and the Sea of Galilee to the east. On the Mediterranean, at least of an hour of trip of Nazareth, Haifa is, third city in importance and principal port of Israel, as well as the crossed city of Acre. To half an hour of trip to the east Galileo de Jesus finds Tiberiades, a center of recreation and health on the banks of Mar de Galilea, stage of the Department.
Biblical or historical places, sacred sites parael Christianity and places of a surprising natural beauty abound in the neighborhood of Nazareth.

Forest Balfour: beautiful pines forest, 4 km to the south of Nazareth, planted in honor of the author of the declaration of Balfour, which promises to the Jews of the world a National Hearth in Israel.

Synagog of Beit Alfa: In areas of the kibbutz jeftziba it is possible to appreciate a perfect apartment of mosaic belonging to a synagog of the VIth century that illustrates a zodiac, Jewish symbols and the history of Isaac's sacrifice. To 31 km to the southeast of Nazareth.

Beit Shean: Town during the third millenium AC, was mentioned numerous times in the bible. The bodies of Saul and his children were hung of the murallasde the city by the Philistines after the fatidical battle on the mount Guilboa. During the Roman epoch it was one of the Greek cities of the Decápolis. An enormous Roman theater is in the place and is one of the best preserved ones in Israel. He is worth while visiting the museum that lodges the archaeological remains found in the precincts and the Mosaic apartment of an ancient Byzantine church. To 33 km to the southeast of Nazareth.

Meguido: People canaanita inhabited from the third millenium AC. One of the fortified cities of King Salomón and after King Ajab. Between the most important attractions of the city of Meguido we can quote an altar canaanita and the water tunnel of the epoch of the Kings, as well as a mobile model in the local museum that shows with clarity the numerous strata of this ancient city to travez of the milleniums. The area, in accordance with the tradition it christens, it is the place of the Biblical Armageddon, which will serve as stage to the War of the End of the Days. To 23 km to the south-west of Nazareth.

Monte Guilboa: It rises on the vales of Jarod and Beit Shean. It was there where King Saul and his son Ionatan were exterminated by the Philistines, and his death sorry by David's famous praise: "The Glory of Israel has perished on your heights! Since the brave ones have fallen down!". 30 km to the southeast of Nazareth.

Source: Shalom Online

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