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Images of Israel
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Information of Israel
Information of the State of Israel

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Ashkelon · The dead Sea? Naharia · Nazareth · Tzfat ·



Israel, the small state of Middle East, occupying a narrow corridor between the Vale of the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, is one of the most important religious places of the world. One believes that the prophet Mahoma, amounted to the sky from Jerusalem and that this was the source both of the Judaism and of the Christianity.

It is important for the visitor to know that the length of the country from the north towards the south is of only 420 km and that the breadth of the same one changes from approximately 20 km up to 116 km.

Still being such short distances, this paradoxical and extraordinary country, one of the most ancient and simultaneously newer, it exists at so many levels, which it can be understood taking every time a different stratum, religious or tourist politician is already archaeological, historical.

The dramatic contrast between ancient and modern, oriental and western surprises the visitor. Tel Aviv, city of European style with several places of interest - museums, art galleries, parks, markets, shopping centers and night clubs - is the first one in being visited from the air to having approached the International Airport Ben Gurión.

In Jerusalem, the narrow streets of the Old City give the sensation of not having changed for centuries, although in her there join the tourist welded young people and Jews jasidicos with his traditional robes of the XVIIIth century, Arabs with his cloaks, women with his faces covered by a veil, nuns, priests, and the Christian ministers dressed in black, students with real colors and all forming the pictorial and only sight.

The Mediterranean climate of Israel allows the cultivation of citrus fruits and of a big quantity of vegetables, many of which are exported, like the oranges "Jaffa", of world reputation.

The summer spreads from April until October. The winter, from November until March and, although generally it is moderated, it becomes very cold in the mountainous areas of Jerusalem and of the tall Galilean one. The mount Jermon is the only place in the covered Oriental snow Mediterranean during big part of the year and he has facilities for the lovers of the ski.

Eilat, on the coast of the Red Sea, with his broth climate during the whole year, is very popular between the lovers of the sun in winter.

Being a most of his territory a desert, the hills of Jerusalem and of Monte Carmel are even covered of wild flowers in the spring and the anemones and the cyclamen bloom in the rainy season. In the vales the irises abound and the most common trees are: pines, olive trees, pistachio nuts, eucalyptuses and acacias. The brooms grow merry in the desert of the Neguev. Reafforestation projects are realized in hills and mountains in the whole country and the pines, cypresses, oaks and kudos grow favorably.

Israel has developed a big number of such industries of high technology like: cut and polished of diamonds, manufacture of synthetic products, accused of minerals and armament manufacture. There is cultivated cotton of long fibre of high quality and they have installed to themselves farms specializing in the baby of trout, tents and other fish. Israel is provided with a recognized reputation in the field of the fashion and the tourism is considered to be a fundamental industry.

From 1880 settlers have come to Israel of more than 100 countries: their quarter comes from Europe and America, another quarter of Arab States of Asia and Africa and the rest of Yemen, Iran, Iraq, India, Afghanistan and Australia. At the end of 1970, 30 years after the foundation of the State of Israel, almost half of the country had been born in. The language, the modern Hebrew or Ivrit, that I had to be learned by the new settlers, helped enormously in the ethnic and cultural integration process. Most of the population, close to one fifty per cent, are concentrated in the cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, the rest lives in smaller peoples, or in such agricultural establishments as kibutzim or moshavim.

Israel possesses a parliamentary democracy based on a system of multiplicity of political parties and the president is elect every 5 years. The Parliament, the Kneset, is provided with 120 elect members across proportional representation. from 1948 no party obtained absolute majority in the elections, therefore, the governments have always been of coalition, formed, to order of the president, by the leader of the party that has obtained more votes.

The Jews and the Muslims use, in addition to the Gregorian calendar, traditional calendars that do not take into consideration the birth you Christ, therefore, the local dates do not allude to the phrases: A.D., Before Christ, so known by the western visitor.

Israel, country of enormous importance in spite of his limited size, is located in the contact point between 3 continents, on which the principal commerce routes they have converged, for several milleniums, between Asia, Africa and Europe. Archaeological finds testify that area was developed by some of the most ancient well-known cultures.

Although the history of the region is inevitably tied to the Jewish Village, already from the stone epoch the whole area was inhabited and like that it is testified by the tops of arrow of flint, remains of pots of clay and other finds that indicate the progress across the ages of Copper and Bronze. In the city - oasis of Jericho there were discovered remains of building that date back to 8000 ADC by what it is considered to be the most ancient city of the world.

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· Beer-Sheva · Eilat · Haifa · Jerusalem · Netania · Tel Aviv Yafo · Tiberias · Acco ·

Ashkelon · The dead Sea · Naharia · Nazareth · Tzfat ·

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Images of Israel

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