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Jaim Weizmann
Jaim Weizmann - 1874-1952

The first president of the State of Israel.
The teacher Jaim Weizmann - scientist and statesman - was one of the leaders fix in the establishment of the State of Israel.

Born in 1874 in a small people of Russia, Jaim Weizmann received a combined Jewish and secular education. It continued scientific studies in Germany and in Switzerland, and integrated into Zionist activities. In 1904 it emigrated to Great Britain where his scientific career as investigative chemist began in the University of Manchester. During the First World war Lord Balfour and Winston Churchill was acclaimed by his discovery of a method for the production of synthetic acetone, what allowed him to contact members of the influential circles of the British society, between them.

Provided with a big personal delight and a big oratory, Weizmann turned into the spokesman of the Zionist cause in the political and intellectual circles of Great Britain. His efforts culminated with the Declaration Balfour of November 2, 1917, in which the British government was expressing his friendliness towards the Zionist targets in Palestine. The declaration paved the way for the Order on Palestine, which was granted to Great Britain by the League of the Nations in 1922.

Along his life, Weizmann combined his scientific activity with an intense participation in the Zionist company. As leader of the World Zionist Movement for many years, influenced enormously the formulation of the Zionist strategy and managed to extend the support to the movement and mobilize Jewish capital for other Zionist companies in Palestine, low British order of that time.

In a meeting with the president Truman in March, 1948, Weizmann underlined before the president the importance of the establishment of the Jewish state. East, undoubtedly, was one of the factors that achieved the rapid recognition of the State of Israel on the part of the United States.

One of the first actions of the Provisional Government of Israel was to nominate Jaim Weizmann a president of the Provisional Council of the State. In February, 1949, one month after the first general elections of Israel, a special meeting of the Knéset chose it like the first president of the State of Israel. After the oath ceremony in Jerusalem, on February 16, the Weizmann house in Rehovot happened to be the official residence of the president of the State of Israel.

In April, 1949 the president Weizmann visited the United States. It met multitudes without precedents and collected the record sum of 23 million dollars in contributions for the State of Israel and for the flaming scientific institution that today takes his name - the Scientific Institute Weizmann.

Action man during all his life, the president was disappointed for the principally ceremonial function that was assigned to the president. Nevertheless, his personal relations with figures fix in the British political circles they were of supreme importance for the recognition of Israel on the part of Great Britain - of fact in January, 1949 and of jure in April, 1950.

During 1950, the president Weizmann should have reduced his activities due to his illness, but it kept on receiving foreign dignitaries and following closely the events. It was reelect for the second period in November, 1951 (then the period of exercise of the president was tied straight to that of the Knéset) and it took an oath in his residence in Rehovot on November 25.

Very sick during most of his last year of life, the first president of the State of Israel, teacher Jaim Weizmann, died on November 9, 1952 and he was buried, in accordance with his desire, in the garden of his house, today it departs from the campus of the Scientific Institute Weizmann.

Source: MFA - Foreign Office of Israel.

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Images of Israel

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