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Information of Eilat
The city of Eilat



Eilat, on the coast of the Red Sea, is an example of a modern city in development and of a tourist center in growth. Placed in the northerly curve of the gulf of Eilat (or Akaba), in the conjunction area between Israel and Jordan, is the route of access to India, Africa and the distant East. Sensual city of the sun, sand and sea, Eilat contains in himself, the delight of the waters of the gulf and his exotic fish, the mystery of that of the surrounding desert and the changeable colors of the mountains of the Sinai.
The name Eilat derives from the Hebrew word "ail", species of goat that usually grazed in the area in the times of Abraham. The Bible mentions that the Children of Israel happened "for the way of the Aravá from Eilat..." and "Gaver camped in etzion" (Deut., 2:8,9 and N).

After having defeated the Edomitas, local inhabitants, King David probably established here his line of south defense, but the authentic development of the area stayed in hands of his son Salomón, who constructed here his navy and sent his ships across the port of Etzion Gaver, to import spices and gold of the legendary ground of Ofir (Reyes I, 9:26).

For the same place the illustrious Salomón visitor entered, the Queen of Saba, whose goal was to come to Jerusalem and to verify the knowledge of the king. King Uzia reconstructs the city (Cron. II, 26:2), more during the Ajaz reign, it falls down in Rezin power, king of Syria (Kings, 16:6). Later it was dominated by a long succession of foreign leaders and sumbre it changed often during such a process.

The Ptolemaic ones, of Egypt, knew her as Berenice and the Romans called her Aila. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the whole area was absorbed inside the Byzantine Empire, which in turn succumbed to the power of the Arabs in the VIIth century, who with an interruption of two centuries, during the Crossed reign (centuries XIIy XIII), dominated the whole area up to the ascent of the Turks, in whose epoch constructs itself in the precincts the nearby Akaba port, declining this way the Eilat importance.

It was only in the XXth century that when Eilat began to recover his importance. What was until 1948 a small station of Turkish police, called Um rashrash, was transformed by it into the most southern Israeli city and port. His population is provided at present with more than 50.000 inhabitants and between the industries in constant development of the area it is necessary to mention, quarries, mining, fishing, jewelry shop, cinematography and tourism.
What does of Eilat such a special city, is his climate. Even in winter the temperature never low of 10 degrees centigrade. There are only approximately six or eight rainy days in the year and the almost permanent sun, as a whole with a coloring history and his beautiful stages, they do of the modern Eilat a real paradise for the tourist.

Eilat for tourists

The dry and warm Eilat climate turns it into center of attraction, during every month of the year. The hotel facilities provide a big variety of possibilities of accommodation. There are also pensions with moderate tariffs, youth hostels, houses of accommodation, places to camp and summer holiday towns.
Possible activities: swimming, windsurfing and diving in the Gulf of Eilat, which is one of the most spectacular centers of diving in the entire world, I rest to the sun and walks on foot or in motorcar, exploring the spectacular Eilat surroundings. An abarcadero and a lagoon have been constructed on the north Eilat coast for those interested parties in ski aquatic, yachting and other marine sports. From here they divide the yachts to his explorations to the Red Sea.

The nights they can devote to visit the wide scale of exotic restaurants, which offer meal of France, Morocco, China, America and of course, the typical Israeli one. The night it can can continue in one of many discotheques or night clubs and to serve as prelude for the following, full day of the sun and diversion.

For those that come in one of the popular "charter" flights or travel in motorcar across the Aravá or the Neguev, Eilat will offer them interesting and stimulant occupations.
In the spring and the autumn, the area turns into a paradise for the "birdwatchers" lover of the observation of birds, since Eilat is on the migratory route of the birds that demolish from Europe Africa and vice versa.

The Beach of the Corals

The beach of the Corals, to the south of the city, is one of the natural marvels that more amaze the tourist, with his exotic Nature reserve of the Coral reef, which formations are of millennial age.
The fabulous submarine spectacle of the reef can already well be observed weighing anchor in one of the ships that possess fund of transparent glass, from the most nearby abarcadero, or diving with professional team or simply with respiration pipe. There is a pronounced submarine itinerary, with explanations on the phenomena that happen in the reef.
This beach is perfect for those who are on holiday since it provides all kinds of activities of recreation.

It is possible to obtain instructions on diving and councils regarding different centers of diving that exists in the precincts, while another type of information is granted in the local office of the Protective Society of the nature, located in the reservation.
Marine observatory - World of the Corals, one of four existing ones in the world, will have to be a visit forced for the tourist. A 100 m long bridge stretched on the sea, connects the coast with the quarter of the observatory. This one possesses a camera with big windows of armored glass, to 4,5 m under the level of the surface of the sea.

From this profitable point, a kaleidoscopic spectacle appears earlier the eyes marveled at the tourist: fish of all the colors of the rainbow swim freely between massifs of choral and exotic marine plants and other inhabitants of the submarine world.
The adjacent museum you exhibit interesting specimens of conches, fish and other representatives of the local aquatic life. Special attraction they produce 23 aquariums, which, presenting each of them a mobile exhibition of extraordinary and exotic forms and funds, must be seen to be able to believe it. The big inhabitants of the Red Sea are lodged in a big circular aquarium and in three sinks outdoors that advise not to stop being visited.

Nelson's Town, approximately 10 km to the south of the city, is a center of of exclusive summer holiday, between the palm trees of the oasis of anklebone. His facilities offer an incomparable experience, of those that there is only one you see in the life. Leave his tie at home and in Nelson's Town you will be able to enjoy aquatic sports, music, services of bar and restaurant, with seafood, meat and fresh salads, all this in a relaxation ambience.

Eilat and The Negev

Eilat is the ideal base for the tourist who proposes to visit the solitudes of the Neguev and explore the desert, with his strange phenomena and the establishments of the pioneers. To the Eilat exit, not very far of the route that he leads to the Vale of the Moon, there is the spectacular spring of Ein Netafim, whose waters run from the rock, to the feet of a vertical steep rock.

The same route continues up to the impressive stacks of sandy rock of the Red Cannon (access allowed motorcars with front haulage).El Timna vale, approximately 30 km to the north of Eilat, it is practically a natural museum in itself since it shuts up in his vast and strange remaining sceneries of ancient civilizations.
In the precincts of the current mines of copper, the Egyptians find the remains of the ancient mines timna, whose copper was already exploited approximately 6.000 years ago behind by several peoples, between them.

The Props of Salomón (Amudei Shlomo), other rocky formations excavated by the soil blowing and several places of archaeological interest, can be visited in the vale, as this way also the exhibition of the remains of the ancient mines, which explain the history of the extraction of copper and of his accused in the antiquity.
More to the north, the kibbutz Iotvata, famous person for his milk production, in whose areas the visitors' center rises, offering an audio-visual program on the history, archaeology and natural life of the whole region.  

In the mediations, the reservation of Jai Bar, with his 32.000 dunam dedicated to the preservation and multiplication of animal species mentioned in the Bible, is a paradise for those animals, which of not being for the reservation, would be already extinguished (the entry only in motorcars).

In the near kibbutz Ketorá there is a club that offers walks on horseback, with the rare opportunity to explore the endless extensions of the Aravá and simultaneously, to ride on Arab steeds. Also it is possible to observe closely the life style of a young kibbutz that makes the desert bloom.

Spending Ketura, the way forks, to the east, the highway continues towards Sdom and the Dead Sea, the rock bottom of the ground, with his famous thermal baths, crossing in the way new establishments in the desert. On the west, the highway leads Beer Sheva, Abraham's Biblical city and the modern capital of the Neguev. On this way there are some of the most visited phenomena of the neguev. To approximately 50 km to the north of Eilat, the route crosses the Mahtesh Ramón, extension with form of crater that is practically a geologic museum outdoors, with pronounced itineraries and his respective explanatory cartels on every observed natural phenomenon.

In Mitzpe Ramón, at the entry, a visitors' modern center gets up with interesting audio-visual information and exhibitions history, geography and archaeology of the area. Avdat, the same as Mamshit and Shivta, is one of the cities Navateas occupied later for Roman and Byzantine.
The remains of these ancient civilizations include the ruins of two impressive Byzantine churches and the testimonies of the existence of an agriculture extremely developed by the nabateos, whose aptitude to cultivate in the desert he amazes the investigators of the Hebrew university who have reconstructed in the place an ancient farm.

Approximately 5 km to the north, there is one of the most delightful places of the Neguev, Ein Avdat, a spring which waters slide for the cascades of Najal Zin and his fascinating cannon. Opposite to him, the kibbutz Sde Boker, another example of the conquest of the desert, in whose areas there is the grave of the ex-prime minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, who was a local settler, and the School of the Neguev, which takes his name.
Sinai, where Cradle took the Children of Israel to lead them to the Engaged Earth, spreads on the west. There can be visited, for ground and air, the different places associated with the exodus, subject to the Egyptian regulations of border. The frontier points near to Eilat are Anklebone and Netafim.

Source: Jai Uruguay

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