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Information of Haifa
The city of Haifa



The capital of the north

Where "Carmel touches the sea" the city of Haifa is. Surrounded by the Mediterranean, crowned by the mount Carmel, is the third Israeli city in importance, a gem for the beauty of his stages and the capital of the north of Israel. The place was populated from time prehistoric as it is demonstrated by the remains found in the caverns that abound in the hillsides of Carmel; the same Carmel of "Singing of the Cantares" of King Salomón and the scene of the dramatist of Elías with Baal's false prophets, whom he "led" to the Creek Kishon (1 Reyes18:20 to 40); the same Kishon where, as it counts the Judges book, the prophetess Débora conquered the army canaanita of Sisera. A city of sea and mountain, it splits into three levels connected by the "Carmelit", the Israeli underground only one: the city lowers, with his port and his shopping center, the Hadar HaCarmel with his residential and commercial centers and Har HaCarmel, mainly residential and recreacional.

With his gardens, hectares of forests and kilometers of spa beaches, with fragrant summers and calm winters, his numerous tourist attractions and international conventions, Exhibitions of Flower growing and Folkloric Festivals, Haifa it offers splendid and numerous satisfactions to all his visitors.


House of the Artist: Shderot Hatzionut 24, exhibitions of contemporary Israeli artists.

Temple Bahai and his Gardens: The world center of the faith Bahai. In the mausoleum of golden dome, there are the remains of the founder, Bab (Mizra Ali Muhammad) and his follower Abdul Baha (Abbas effendi).

Bat Galim walked: along the beach and under the palm trees, it offers places of fishing and rest.

Beaches: Kilometers of golden, sandy and inviting beaches. Excellent facilities.

Carmelite monastery: On Derej Stella Maris. An exceptional place of peregrinaje collaborated with the prophet Elías and Elisha. It possesses an impressive church and a small antiquities collection. The monastery served like Hospital to the Napoleón soldiers during his frustrated siege to the city of Saint John of Acre in 1799. A monument exists in the place in his memory. Open sea during the whole week.

The Elisha cave: At the South Haifa entry, under the Carmelite monastery, where, according to the legend, Elisha hid when it was escaping of king Ajab and where the Sacred Family protected itself on having returned of Egypt. It is a sacred site also for the Muslims. Closed every Saturday.

Gan Haem (Park of the Mother): In central Carmel, concerts outdoors. Zoo and museum of Prehistory.

Gan Hazicaron (Commemorative Park): Opposite to the municipality, in the Fairy HaCarmel and dominating the bay, he commemorates the fallens in the War of the Independence.

Gan Hapsalim (Garden of the Sculptures): Opposite to Shderot Hatzionut 135. 18 sculptures of bronze done by Ursula Malbin in a park that dominates the bay.

Points of Panoramic Observation: Quite to or length of Rejov Yefe Nof, with conference of the city, bay, Acco, Rosh Hanikra and in a clear day the covered with snow summit of the mount Jermon. An "obligatory" place for the tourist, already is day how at night.

Technion: The renowned institute of Israeli Technology is located in Neve Shaanan, where holding a permit visits are carried out. The original building of the Technion, on Hadar HaCarmel, a historical place, is occupied by the faculty of Architecture.

University of Haifa: Located in the top of the mount Carmel, on the route to the villages Druzes. Known by his impressive modern architecture and panoramic conference.


Naval museum and of the Clandestine Immigration: derej Allenby 204. The Ship "Af Al Pi" that spent the British blockade during the period of the order, lodges most of the museum, dedicated to the clandestine immigration. The history of the Israeli Navy and of the navigation they are exhibited in the adjacent building.

Dagón: In Plumer Square close to the port. Storage and handling of grains in the Ancient Israel and the near east, including models in functioning. Holding a permit visits, free entry.

Museum of Haifa: Rejov Shabetai Levi 26, with two pavilions:
- ancient art: it possesses the biggest collection in sculptures Israel grecorromanas, originated from the Haifa bay; terracottas, rare coins and finds carried out in Shikmona, part of the ancient Haifa.
- modern art: where there are exhibited works of Israeli and foreign authors.

Japanese art museum: Shderot Hanasi 89. Big collection of oriental, ceramic paintings, graphs, jewels and crafts.

Museum of music and folkloric library: Rejov Arlozorov 23. Typical, ancient and modern instruments, of all parts of the world. Library of Jewish music and Jewish folkloric songs.

Marine national museum: Derej Allenby 198. Hundreds of models and exhibition of sailing ships, maps and marine objects belonging to the seas of the Middle East and his outskirts.

Prehistoric and zoological museum: In Shderot Hanasi and Gan Haem. The museum, next to the beautiful Haifa zoo, contains the archaeological finds of Carmel and north of Israel, which testify the life of the prehistoric man in the above mentioned regions.

Surroundings of Haifa

National park of Carmel: 22.000 acres of beautiful forests, interspersed by the whole mountain range of Carmel and with numerous places to walk and to do picnics.

Peoples Druzes: Usifia and Daliat Carmel are to approximately 16 and 19 km to the Haifa south-west, on Carmel. They are famous for his works in copper and wicker, and his coloring crafts.

Ein Hod: 16 km on the south, an artists' picturesque village, that exhibit his crafts in the local galleries.

Lojamei Haguetaot: 27 km to the north, a kibbutz founded by survivors of the ghettos of Europe. The Museum of the Holocaust and Resistance is in the precincts.

Ajziv: 40 km to the north. Ancient port and center of dyeing of cloths in time of the Phoenicians. Today, National park with beaches and place to camp, as well as local head office of the Club Mediterranean.

Acco (San juan de Acre): 24 km to the north. Important port in time of the Phoenicians and the Crossed ones. The surrounding ruins include a crossed underground city and in her the cave of Saint John. In the walled city of the XVIIIth century they are, the Mosque of The Jazzar and the oriental bazaars. In the north of the city the beautiful gardens are bahai.

Beit Shearim: 21 km to the southeast, head office of the Sanedrin during the second century and a necropolis in the IIIrd and IVth centuries. The vast catacombs and the synagogs can be visited.

Cesarean section: 37 km on the south. Constructed by king Herodes in honor to Cesar Augusto. Between the ruins of the Romans, Byzantine and Crossed there is the port, the aqueduct, the walls and the pit. The reconstructed Roman theater is a stage for the renowned Israeli Festival, which is carried out annually.

Mujraka: 26 km to the Haifa southeast on the mountain range of Carmel, traditional place of the competition between Elías and baal's false prophets. A Carmelite Monastery with a panoramic sight.

Naharia: 32 km to the north, it was founded by refugees of Germany, on the banks of the river Gaaton that runs for the center of the picturesque city.

Naszaret: 38 km to the southeast. The place of Jesus's adolescence and a center of peregrinaje I christen. The Church of the Announcement dominates the place.

Rosh Hanikra: 42 km to the north, on the border with the Lebanon. Impressive caves at the level of the sea, to which rail and a restaurant goes over in cable opposite to the Mediterranean.

Source: Jai Uruguay

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Images of Israel

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