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Macabi Tel Aviv, champion of Europe
File of May 03, 2004

So much to swim to remain drowned and humiliated in the shore. The Skipper of Bologna suffered the worst defeat for that it is possible to wait. In the final of the Euroleague, the Italians were having the same right to dream that his rival, but Macabi de Tel Aviv did not even grant that to them. With an overwhelming game the Israelis were crowned like the best team of Europe crushing his rival with the most scandalous scoreboard of a continental final.

As the Barcelona the past period, Macabi achieved that the FIBA was designating Tel Aviv as head office of the 'End Four' and designed his year thinking only about the continental scepter. It closed the signings of Maceo Baston, that spectacular 'killer' who was leaving trace in the Joventut, Sarunas Jasikevicius (about this one everything has already been said) or Anthony Parker, at last MVP of the final, and prepared to triumph somewhere near where it was going.

Only it has lost five parties of the twenty-two disputed ones in the Euroleague and, also, opposite to the Skipper it beat the note record in a final of the maximum competition of the basketball of the Old Continent (the previous precedent was dating back to 110 points that Madrid endorsed Spartak Brno in the first meeting of his end of 1964) to add his fourth continental title.

Macabi went out in waterspout, with a Jasikevicus inspiradísimo and author two triples that threw his team. Such was his passion that to five minutes was already adding three personnels and was leaving to the bank. Nevertheless, the Macabi, far from being scared, kept on shooting the advantages because the Skipper was not hit facing the hoop and was demonstrating that the defense is not his.

The Italians were not making but to look some at others like wondering what was happening. At the end of the first quarter, Macabi had half a title in the pocket (31-13) and his mulberry tree was growing like the froth. As fact is enough to point out that Bluthenthal fixed a triple in the last second of the first quarter before the ineffectiveness of the defender of the Skipper that did not do anything for avoiding it, bearing in mind that the Israelis extracted of band and that Bluthenthal received only to note down.

In the second partial one, the Skipper resorted to a zonal defense to try to cut the hemorrhage that he was suffering, especially on the part of Bluthenthal and Parker. Without being able to resort to a defense numantina, for his absence of attitude and aptitude, the only Italian point of rest was his attack, but the shots were not entering and the Macabi revenues became stable in twenty points.

To the rest, the scoreboard was clear 55-30. It had not set off, there was no end and the worst thing of everything is that in the faces of the players of the Skipper there was no anger, but a conformism that turned out to be endorsed in the continuation. The party did not exist, the final was a caricature and Macabi was going on superficially to a Skipper that only had the resource of throwings of triples from eight meters.

Up to the Israeli fans they got tired of celebrating the title for anticipated. With 80-51 at the end of the third quarter, the Italians only were thinking that the torture to which they were being submitted should finish as soon as possible. With the arms completely below, the Italians tried to support the step of the minutes until end came to 118-74. Forty four difference points that they speak themselves.

Source: Digital Aurora-Israel
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