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Images of Israel
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Big Israeli Inventions
Israel, Luz de Naciones

It is interesting to relax and to throw a glimpse to certain facts.
Israel, it is one of 100 smallest countries of the world, with less than 1/1000 % of the world population, he can feel proud for the following thing:

The Motorola mobile phone has been developed in Israel by Israelis who were working for the Israeli Motorola division, one of the bigger research centers of high technology of Israel.

Most of the operating systems Windows NT and XP have been developed by Microsoft - Israel.

The technology of the Pentium MMX was designed in Israel by Intel-Israel. So much that the Pentium 4 as the Centrino have been designed, developed, and produced completely in Israel. The Pentium that you have in your computer is very possible that it has been made in Israel.

The Voice technology has been developed in Israel. Both Microsoft and Slack have chosen to mount his Research centers and Development out of the USA to Israel.

The famous person ICQ was developed in 1996 by three young Israeli engineers together with the father of one of them.

Israel has the biggest third air force of the world (after that of the USA, Russia and China).

Apart from a big variety of another type of planes of war, Israel supports an arsenal of more than 250 F-16. It is the biggest fleet of these devices out of the USA.

In accordance with personalities of the air industry, Israel has the most impenetrable protocol of safety of flights of the world. International officers now look in Israel for safety systems in flight.

The economy of Israel of more than 100 billion dollars, it is higher than that of all his together neighbors, in spite of his small population.

Israel has the highest percentage of computers of hearth as inhabitant in the world.

Israel has the highest university students average as inhabitant of the world.

Israel produces more scientific documents for inhabitant that no other nation for a wide margin - 109 for every 10.000 inhabitants - as it has one of the highest numbers of patents of the world.

In proportion to his population, Israel has the highest number of start-ups (new companies of high technology) in the world. In absolute numbers, Israel has the highest number of start-ups of the world, after the USA.

With more than 3000 companies high technology and start-ups, Israel has the highest concentration of companies of high technology in the world - after Silicon Valley in California. Only the USA wins to Israel in the investments in high technology.

Out of the USA and Canada, Israel has the biggest number of companies registered in the NASDAQ of New York.

Israel has the highest standard of living of the Middle East. His GDP has been in 2000 more than $ 17.500, exceeding that of the proper England.

24 % of the Israeli labor force has university title, the highest percentage of the world after the USA and Holland. It is more. 12 % has Doctor's title. This in spite of three years that every young Israeli has to serve in the army, and the habit of them of traveling for one year round the foreigner (to countries of low cost) after finishing his military service.

Israel has the third world position in businessmen - and the highest between the women of more than 50 years-.

Israel was the first country of the world in there adopted the process Kimberly, which is an international standard that certifies the diamonds like "you free of conflict".

Israel is the second country of the world in books reading for inhabitant.

Israel is the only country of the world that has entered in the 21st century with clear profit the number of trees, and that is more extraordinary because ésto it has been reached in an area considered principally like desert. In the current moment, the forests of Israel are growing.

Israel is the country that has more museums as inhabitant of the world.


The Israeli scientists have developed a diagnosis instrument for the breast cancer, which is completely computarizado and free of radiations.

An Israeli company has developed a system computarizado to assure the most appropriate administration of medicines, eliminating the human error in the medical treatments.

Israel has developed the first video camera ingestable, so small that it fits inside a tablet. It is used to observe the small intestine from within, and helps in the diagnosis of the cancer and other digestive disorders.

The Israeli investigators have developed a new device that helps to the heart to pump blood, an innovation with the potential of saving many human lives between those who endure advanced cardiac illnesses. This new device is synchronized with the mechanical work of the heart across a sophisticated sensors system.

Israel leads the world in number of scientific and technical inside his labor population, with 145 for 10.000, while the USA has 85, the Japan 70 and Germany 0. And more than 25 % of his labor force is used in technical positions. In this category Israel is the first one also.

A new device for the treatment of the acne in Israel, the ClearLight, produces a light of high intensity, free of ultraviolet beams, of narrow band, which it causes that the bacteria of the acne disappear - all this without destroying the adjacent cutaneous textile.

An Israeli company has been the first one in developing and in installing a Plant that works with solar energy to produce electricity in big quantities in the Mojave desert in California.

Everything described arrives while Israel is implied by enemies who only look for his destruction, and for an economy continuously stressed for the expense for inhabitant for the national safety, which more spends in this paragraph in the world, without mentioning the social problems and the separation of the reliogiosos of the láicos. In a country that has only 50 years of existence.

ISRAEL / For Israel

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Images of Israel
Images of Israel

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