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Images of Israel
dress jerusalem4.jpg
from the Mediterranean Sea dress to tel aviv4.jpg
azrieli tel aviv of noche.jpg
old jerusalem9.jpg
tel aviv israel 2005 beach verano.jpg
sight to ramat gan tel aviv israel6.jpg
view of jerusalem from mount of olives.jpg
toast azrieli18.jpg
Alefbet Online
The Hebrew ABC

Name Numerical value Meaning Letter
This is the first letter of the ABC. It represents the Divine Presence. His value: One.
With this second letter of the ABC did it begin D? s the Tora:? Bereshit? (At first).
It is third letter is near to the root of the word to support, to complete and to give.
On having pronounced this fourth letter, we find a big approach to the word delet (door).
He says the Talmud: D "s it created the world with two letters that represent your Name: "the iod and it is". With the first one it created the future world and with the second one this world.
The sixth letter. His value, six, represents something finished and completed. The world was created completely in six days.
The value of this letter is seven. It represents the spiritual values, which are the purpose of the world. D "s it created to the world in 6 days and stopped from the seventh one.
The Jet set, which value is eight, represents the possibility of the human being of penetrating the limits that the ground imposes.
The letter Tet the Torá is written for the first time in the word Tov, well. The Talmud says to us that that one that it sees in sleep a Tet, is a sign of something good.
IUD 10
The tenth letter is the iod. His size places it like the smallest and indivisible letter, not as in case of all other letters that are composed on several parts.
KAF / JAF 20
The jaf symbolizes the Keter, the crown (in Hebrew, he writes himself with Jaf), as he says the Talmud: "It will place D" s to that one that helps the neighbor as it stems and according to his possibilities".


This is the princely letter, since his form makes her stand out of between the others like the king.
MEM 40
This letter has two presentations: an acquaintance like mem opened, is used in the beginning and a half of the word and closed other one, which only is used at the end of the same ones.
NUN 50
Also the nun has two forms. One for any part of the word, with curved form; and other one by the ends of word, straight line.
This letter indicates the concept of the Divine support. So much for the support of D "s to the person as for the support of the person towards D" century.
AIN 70
The ain is the letter that represents the comprehension and the internal vision. His name like that indicates it since "eye" in Hebrew is said ain.
PEI / FEI 80
This letter for his name Peh refers to the mouth of the person, in Hebrew "peh".
The letter n? The name of 18 is "Tzadi", but she is nominated commonly "Tzadik"
KUF 100
The letter KUF indicates us and symbolizes the divine holiness.
The Resh represents and symbolizes, the Evil and the Evil one, in Hebrew "Rasha"
SHIN 300
The letter Shin occupies an important place, since 2 names qualities of the Almighty one begin with them. Sha-Dai, who handles the world and Shalom, peace.
TAV 400
The letter Tav represents and symbolizes the "truth". At first it does not attract attention but interesting in the end.

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Images of Israel
Jerusalem, the Holy City
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Ashdod and the Sea
Natania and the Sharon
Beer-Sheva and the Neguev
Images of Israel
Images of Israel

mount of olivos.jpg
gardens bahai haifa israel8.jpg
courts of beer sheva4.JPG
sea of netania12.jpg
sight to the dead sea from ein gedi5.jpg
be of galilee in tiberias israel.jpg
view of mount hermon golan israel.jpg

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