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Images of Israel
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Information of Tzfat
The city of Tzfat


The Capital of Galilee
The special quality of the light in this place and his magicians and innuerables sceneries have done of Tzfat the paradise of the artists. An alberinto of narrow, ornate streets of so much as well as for engraved or identical doors, has been monopolized by more than 50 artists, painters and sculptors. We can approach and enter the walled studies arched across courtyards where the grandos grow. The lanterns of copper that adorn them, have been located in a special way, to the exclusive Tzfat style.

His history dates back to last days of the second temple. Flavio Josefo constructed fortifications in the place that then served like foundations for the construction of a castle crossed during the XIIth century. His ruins can turn at present in the highest point of the city, Guivat hametzuda (hill of the citadel).

The XIIIth century contemplated the renaissance of the Jewish life in Tzfat, but his importance like real center of life and estudos Jews only it became clear from the year 1492, when the Jews chased in Spain, settled in the place in big number. In 063 there was established in Tzfat the first Hebrew printing of the Holy Land. You infest in 1742 and an earthquake in 1769 they forced many inhabitants to emigrate from the place. Nevertheless, during the year 1776 the city was repopulated by an immigration of jasidim Russians.

During the War of Liberation, the Jewish Tzfat population was besieged and isolated during a space of six months. Religious Jews of the city dug trenches and constructed fortifications in Saturday. 
At present the city of more than 14.000 inhabitants, composed principally by immigrants come after the establishment of the State of Israel.

Many of the hotels and pensions of category are located on the nearby mount Canaán, part inegral of the city and covered constantly by buses lines. His magnificent panoramas, observatories, places for picnic and leafy forests do of this city a recognized tourist area.


Quarter of the Artists (Kiriat Hatzaiarim): Area of cobbled streets and house ancient close to the street Ierushalaim. Nearly 90 artists live, work and exhibit his works in the place. A central art gallery located close to the Mosque, lodges a perm of works of local artists.

Caves: Several "sacred" caves exist in the surroundings of Tzfat. One believes that the cave "Shem goes ever" that Palmaj is close to the bridge on rejov, it is the place where the son and grandson of Noé, Shem and Ever, studied the Torá.

Cemetery: They can visit in the this place of the students of the Cabalá of the XVIth century. A grave with a dome, construída for the Caraitas of Damascus during the XVth century, believes that it covers the place of the grave of the prophet Hosías.

Guivat Hametzuda (Hill of the Citadel): For his strategic position, this hill has been fortified by generations of Jews, crossed and Mamelukes. The ruins can be appreciated in the middle of one that at present covers the top.

Municipal museum Glicenstein: This museum, which is in Guivat Hametzudá, was founded in 1953 in order to lodge the sculptures and paintings of the missing teacher Glicenstein, as well as rotary exhibitions and a collection perms of objects of Jewish art. Brought in pay.

Museum of the Art of the Impression: Exhibition of 500 year of impression. From the establishment of the first printing and Holy Land in Tzfat during the XVIth century, this city was always a renowned center of Hebrew impression. There are exhibited asímismo artistic examples of works realized in this art for several centuries. Brought in pay.


Merón: Small people to few kilometers to the west of Tzfat, on the foot of the mount Merón, being the place the grave of Rabbi Shimón Bar Iojai, student of the Torá during the IInd century and revered by the big cabalistas.

Monte Merón: Also called Yermak, is the highest mountain of the Galilee with his 1177 mts. of height.

Banias: One of the sources of the river jordan that arises from a rock and gets overturned in a natural sink.

Baram: Siangoga of the giglo II, whose front elegantly sculpted is extremely well preserved. It is one of the most well-known historical places in Israel and he is worth while visiting it. It is surrounded by a panorama of extreme beauty to only 22km to the north of Tzfat.

Jula vale: to 20 km to the north of Tzfat, this vale was once a desolate marsh later cultivated and turned into fertile ground of cultivation; 2.300 dunam have been preserved and declared a nature reserve.

Tel Jatzor: Nearly 16 km to the north of Tzfat, close to the current city of Jatzor. Extensive excavations realized in the place have revealed that Jatzor was the most important city of Canaán during the Israeli conquest. Other remains date back to the period of king Salomón. The museum of Tel Jatzor is located in the near kibbutz Aielet Hashajar. Brought in pay.

Hatanur (the stove): Nearly three kilometers before metula, an indication towards the right indicates the way towards the famous cascade known as Hatanur. It goes over across the nature reserve. Open sea during the whole year, during the hours of the day. Brought in pay.

Tel Dan: A short stretch They Give to morte of the kibbutz Tel Dan is, the place of the Biblical one They Give. Nature reserve in which they cover the frozen waters of the river They Give, one of three tributaries of Jordan. The reservation, of big beauty, especially rich in wild flowers and giant oaks, serves as frame to the surgientes of the river, placed on the foot of the hill.

Farm "Vered Hagalil": 19 km to the south of Tzfat, close to the kibbutz Ammiad, the farm "Vered Hagalil" offers walks on horseback for the Galilee. One can be enjoyed a meal to the American style in the local restaurant.

Source: Shalom Online

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