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Information of Tel Aviv Yafo
The city of Tel Aviv Yafo



Iafo, Jafa or Joppa is considered to be the most ancient port of the world. In Hebrew it means beautiful and derives supposedly from Jafet, son of Noé.
The Greek associates it with Jopa, daughter of Eolo Dios of the winds.
Up to the end of the XIXth century, the entry to the small port was a space in him surrounding reef. Poseidón, the Greek god of the sea, faded in to Andrómeda to a rock in the reef so that it was devoured by the dragon but the young woman was saved and married by Perseo, son of Zeus and of Danae.

Excavations in the hill that this one opposite to the port revealed that Iafo was inhabited for 4.000 years. In spite of being inside the limits of Dan's tribe, it was a Philistine city up to David's reign. King Salmón used the ports of Iafo and of Tel Kasila on the river Iarkon to import the cedars of the Lebanon destined to the construction of the Temple. In Santos Evangelios there is named Iafo as place in which Pedro made to resuscitate Tabita and received the order of the Master to deliver the Gospel to the gentiles, while the tanner was in the house of Simón. During the Herodes reign and in the Roman period, Iafo loses his supremacy, Cesarean section inherits it.

In the VIIIth century, when the Muslims erect in the near Ramla his capital, it recovers his importance again. In the XIIth and XIIIth centuries Iafo is the port of the Crossed Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was destroyed, together with other ports crossed by the Mamelukes and he remained left by space of 00 years.
At the beginning of the XIXth century, the Turk Aga Mahamud, known as Abu Nabut, constructed and fortified much of what today it is the ancient Iafo.

Towards ends of the century, when the western countries, competing if, they established his religious institutions in Holy Land and when the Jews began to return to his ground, Iafo grew and prospered. His port was importing manufactured products and was exporting oranges "Jaffa". For that one then the city had already expanded out of his walls. Two of the new Jewish suburbs were I snowed Tzedek and Snowed Shalom.

In 1906, The tumultuous Iafo celebrated the jubilee of the Sultan Abdulhamid II destroying the useless walls of the city and constructing the tower of the clock. In the same year, a group of Jews leaves congested city and constructs his hearths in the sandbanks of the north, calling the new city Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv means spring Hill although it symbolizes the vision of the prophet Ezequiel. It was in Tel Aviv of Babylonia where the exiled prophet took the vision of the dry bones turned to the life as the God's spirit and returned to the hearth in Earth of Israel. Tel Aviv is also the title in Hebrew of the Utopian book of Dr. Herzl Altneuland (Old woman - piece of news Earth). One of the main streets, rejov Herzl, received his name in memory of the founder of the Zionist Movement. There the Gymnastics Herzlia were constructed, with his stylized structure, the first secular secondary school, where all the topics were taught in Hebrew, the rehabilitated ancient language. The current school was moved to a more spacious area and in the place the Building Shalom and the Observatory was erected.

After the First World war, when Palestine was declared a National Hearth for the Jewish People, the big one hello migratory arrived at the coasts of the Engaged Earth. In 1921, Tel Aviv turns into a municipality separated with its own Manager, forces of police officer and educational system. The new city attracted poets and writers of Jewish the whole world turning in the first modern Hebrew city with literary coffees, theaters, newspapers and publishing houses.

Bialik, the national, fixed poet his hearth in Tel Aviv in the street that today takes his name. In 1928, the Theater Habima finishes a world tour and on having returned, he settles in the first Hebrew city. The decade of 1930 awards him to Tel Aviv an European ambience with the construction of wide streets, functional architecture, parks, galleries and in 1937, the establishment of the Israeli Philharmonic Band.

Tel Aviv was the first city in the country that had its own electric power plant, in Rejov Hajashmal (street of the electricity). New plant, with his gigantic chimney, is located to the north of the river Iarkon. For being located geographically in the center of the fertile coastal plain, Tel Aviv transformed quickly in the economic center of the country. The riots and the Arab attacks in 1936 closed the Iafo port to the Jewish commerce. Part of the commercial traffic was moved to the new Haifa port, but some local patriots constructed their own wharf not well Tel Aviv was transformed into port. For that one then the city was provided with more than 00.000 inhabitants and kept on expanding.

On Friday, the 14th of May 1948, in the room of the ancient Museum of Tel Aviv, in the street Rostchild No. 16 (previously the house of the manager Dizengoff and at present Biblical Museum) the Assembly of Jewish Leaders proclaimed, in the voice of Ben Gurion, the birth of the State of Israel. Tel Aviv was the provisional capital. The Kneset celebrated his meetings in the current Opera in Spikes Allenby No. 1. On the following day the Arab countries declared the war against Israel. Most of 70.000 Arabs of Iafo fled, leaving his houses that were occupied by the immigrants' increasing wave. In 1950 Tel Aviv and Iafo were unified.

In the decade of 190 Tel Aviv spread to the north of the river Iarkon. The archaeological digs in Tel Kasila are a part of the Museum Haaretz that includes pavilions of numismatics, ceramics, glass, copper, science, folklore, alphabet and a planetarium. Part of the Park Iarkon is used like Center of Exhibitions of Tel Aviv. More to the north the University of Tel Aviv is with Beit Hatfutzot, museum dedicated to the Jewish Diaspora. In 1968, When the modern Ashdod port was inaugurated, the ports of Tel Aviv and Iafo were closed for ships of big openwork and they are used only for yachts and ships of fishing.

The hill of the ancient Iafo has been cleared and reconstructed carefully, embellished by the delight of the past, and by the use of his quarters by artists, his galleries of art and of antiquities, by his restaurants and by the park from which there is appreciated an incomparable panoramic sight of the coast of Tel Aviv.
Happiness rivera supports young and full life Tel Aviv. The Mediterranean kisses his soft and sunny beaches flanked by hotels. Coffees, bars and restaurants that satisfy all the tastes.

Streets of Tel Aviv - Iafo

The sea and his extensive and sunny this one on the west; to the north, this and south there spread different municipalities which set composes the urban belt of Big Tel Aviv and his population adds more than one million inhabitants. Tel Aviv is located to half of way between the Galilee and the Neguev, and to approximately 0 kilometers to the east of Jerusalem. It is considered to be the biggest shopping center of the country. Industrial and agricultural organizations, commercial and bank institutions have his it yields in the city that is also the axis of the cultural life of Israel. The principal newspapers, weekly papers and books are published in Tel Aviv.

Few cities in the world can boast of offering such an extensive cultural activity in the field of the arts, theater and music along with a wide scale of entertainments. Being an important center of tourism, Tel Aviv offers to the tourist excellent hotel facility, a big restaurants variety, lively beaches, dividing from her numerous excursions towards all the corners of the country.
It is very simple to be located in Tel Aviv: the sea indicates the west to us. The numeration of the houses generally begins in the sea to the east and from south to north.

The Israeli opera in Rejov Allenby is one of the principal commercial arteries. On Rejov Haiarkon the principal hotels concentrate and it finishes in the outskirts of the Rio Haiarkon.

Rejov Ben Yehuda, on which the principal air companies have his offices, and Rejov Dizengoff, another important commercial artery with picturesque coffees, they run parallel to the iam (sea). Probably you have already deduced that rejov means street.

Rejov Iordei Hasira, close to the ancient port of Tel Aviv, offers a big restaurants variety, and also the simtaot (alleys) of the ancient Iafo close to the art galleries.

Gordon finds another important galleries concentration in rejov, two streets to the north of the Kikar (square) Zina and Dizengoff. Kikar Namir possesses numerous business, restaurants, a swimming pool with sea water and the wharf of the marina. Spacious Kikar Maljei Israel, at the head of the Building of the Municipality, borders on the south on Rejov Ibn Gabirol and his coffees and restaurants.

Beit means house of. Beit Habima is the head office of the National theater and he borders on the Auditorium Man, head office of the Israeli Philharmonic Band. Both find in the north Sderot end (boulevard) Rothshild.

The Art museum of Tel Aviv and the Municipal library they are located on Sderot Shaul Hamelej.

Shuk means market. Shuk Hapishpishim is the Market of the Fleas of Iafo. Another small flea market is Shuk Betzalel more known by his kiosks of falafel. Bigger and more coloring is Shuk Hakarmel with hundreds of positions and small shops that sell fruits of station, vegetables and clothes.

Museums and historical buildings

Beit Hatfutzot. In the Campus of the University of Tel Aviv, entry 2, street Klauser, Ramat Aviv, Tel. (03) 425161. The Museum Najum Goldman of the Jewish Diaspora contains reconstructions of several Jewish communities of several parts of the world. Cromosfera, a special audio-visual projection presented in a room in the shape of a small planetarium, illustrating the history of the migrations of the Jewish people.

Complex of the Museum Haaretz. Located in Ramat Aviv, close to the bridge Iarkon, the complex consists of several museums and pavilions, each one dedicated to a topic in particular.

Wing of the independence. Sderot Rothshild 16. Tel. (03) 653942. It is the room in which Ben Gurion read the Record of the Independence of Israel on May 414, 1948. In exhibition, documents related to such a historical moment.

Israeli museum of Theater. Rejov Malchett 3. Collection of documents related to the Jewish and Israeli theater, donated by Yehuda Gabay, actor and founder of the Company of Theater Ohel and testimonies of all the fields related to the Jewish theater in the XXth century.

Museum of Antiquities of Tel Aviv - Iafo. Rejov mifratz Shlomo 10. Close to the Ancient Port of Iafo. Archaeological remains that bear witness to the rich Iafo past.

House of the Bible. Sderot Rothshild 16. The goal of the museum: To encourage the creation of original artistic works on the topic of the Bible.

Museum Macabí Pierre Gildesgame. Kfar Hamacabia, Ramt Gan. Tel. (03) 70729. Dedicated to the history of the Jewish sport and to the physical education in Israel and in the world, From the beginning of century and up to the present.

Museum Tel Aviv. Sderot Shaul Hamelej 27. Israeli and international art collection in a building of modern structure. Conferences, concerts, and other events take place regularly in the museum.

House of Ben Gurion. Sderot ben Gurion 17. Permanent domicile of Paula and David Ben Gurion up to his transfer to the kibbutz Sde Boker. The library contains 20.000 volumes, including history of the Jewish people and of the State of Israel.

Metzudat Zeev. Museum and Institute Jabotinsky. Rejov Hamelej George 38. In commemoration of Zeev Jabotinsky, leader of the revisionist movement.

Museum Foundation Rubin. Street Bialik 14. Tel. (03) 658961. Exhibition of a permanent collection of works of the painter Reuven Rubin.

Museum of the history of Tel Aviv - Iafo. Rejov Bialik 27. Documents and photos of the foundation of Tel Aviv and his development. Modern art museum Helena Rubinstein. Exhibition of Israeli and international artists. In front of the museum, a beautiful park: Gan Yaacov. Beit Eliahu - Beit Haagana.

Museum of the forces of Defense of Israel. Shderot Rothshild 23.

Historical museum dedicated to the "Hagana", resistance movement, in memory of Eliahu golomb, one of the founders of the "Hagana" and his leader until 1945.

Museum of Wax. Building Shalom Meir, Rejov Ajad Haam 9.
Tel Aviv is provided with its own Museum of Wax that describes important moments of the history of Israel and other events of international interest.

Institute Weitzmann of Sciences - house of Weitzmann. In the near city of Rejovot.

Source: Jai Uruguay

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