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Biniamin Netaniahu
Prime minister of Israel 1996-1999

Biniamín Netaniahu - soldier, diplomatic and ninth Prime minister of the State of Israel - was born in Tel Aviv in 1949 and grew in Jerusalem. His adolescence happened in the United States, where his father - an out-standing historian - was teaching Jewish history.

Of return in Israel in 1967 to expire with his military obligations, Netaniahu voluntarizó for a unit of command of elite in the FDI and it took part in several daring operations, including the liberation of hostages of a plane Sabena kidnapped in the airport of Ben-Gurión, operation in which it turned out to be hurt. It was liberated of the FDI after six years of service with the captain's grade. Netaniahu studied then in MIT in Boston and obtained the first title in architecture and the second title in Studies of Administration.

Also, he studied Political sciences in MIT and the University of Harvard. In 1976 it was used by the Consulting Group Boston, an international consulting company, and later it was employed at the administration of the Industry Rim in Jerusalem. Much affected by the death of his older brother Yoni - the one who fell down while it was commanding the rescue operation in Entebbe in 1976 to liberate the passengers of a plane of Air France kidnapped to Uganda - Biniamín Netaniahu promoted and organized two international conferences on the ways of fighting the terrorism, one in Jerusalem in 1979 and other one in Washington in 1984.

These forums attracted political figures keys and international eyeliners of the public opinion. In 1982 Netaniahu joined to the diplomatic mission of Israel in the USA - serving for two years like sub chief of the mission under ambassador Moshé Arens. He was also a member of the first delegation to the conversations about strategic cooperation between Israel and the United States. In 1984, Netaniahu was nominated an ambassador of Israel before the United Nations and he was supported in the charge for four years. Eloquent orator, energetic speaker, and diplomat faced towards the mass media, played a key role in the efforts to reinforce the image of Israel and to improve the comprehension of the safety needs for the country in the circles of the American social life. Shortly after his return in 1988, Biniamín Netaniahu deposited Israel to the political sand and he was an elect member of the Knéset for the party Likud - a political movement with which his family had identified ideologically during two generations - and he was nominated vice the Secretary of State.

He practised in this charge four years marked by the intifada, the war of the Persian Gulf in 1991 and the Conference of Peace of Madrid, which initiated the direct conversations between Israel and his neighbors. The Netaniahu talents, particularly his handling of the mass media, contributed again to a great extent to the position of Israel in the exterior. In 1993, Netaniahu was an elect president of the party Likud and his candidate for the position of Prime minister. It directed the political opposition in the period previous and later to the murder of the Prime minister Itzjak Rabín - an epoch characterized by an effervescent public debate concerning fundamental topics, splashed with controversies by the ramifications of the agreements of Oslo and the climb in the Palestinian terrorism. In 1996, in the first direct elections of an Israeli prime minister, Biniamín Netaniahu defeated the incumbent Labour candidate, Shimón Peres, and assumed the charge of ninth Prime minister of the State of Israel, until 1999. The previous First Ministers of Israel were major, and his wives were supported to a great extent in the background.

Pero Netaniahu - the youngest Prime minister of the history of Israel - chose to adopt an American leadership style, being his family it departs from the high public profile of the Prime minister. In his first year of exercise, Netaniahu has concentrated on two white hot matters - sanear the economy and to adopt a position more solved before the Palestinian shortcomings to expire with the terms of the agreements signed between them and Israel. Measurements have interfered to restrict the inflationary tendency, together with concrete steps for the reduction of the chronic budget deficit. Based on a new politics destined for it restructures of the economy, the first steps have been adopted - not without opposition - towards the privatization of companies controlled by the government. The Netaniahu politics with regard to the peace process is different that that of his predecessors.

He has respected the terms of the agreement on Hebrón - prepared in most cases by the previous government - but he has adopted a much less conciliatory attitude towards the Palestinians, refusing to spend for high his defeat in fulfilling his commitments to abolish the Letter Palestine and to fight, terrorismo.De I match with a constant conception of which it is not necessary to accept the terrorism - not even by implication - Biniamín Netaniahu re-defined the equation of peace of Israel on having assumed the Prime minister charge: it pushed back the terminology that was categorizing the Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists like "victims of the peace" and he has refused to ignore persistently the guilt of the Authority Palestine. Demanding reciprocity, Netaniahu has stipulated that the Palestinian, such achievements as the redeployment of the Israeli forces and the expansion of the autonomy, must be tied to a genuine Palestinian effort towards the peace. Biniamín Netaniahu was nominated the Secretary of State in November, 2002, and in February, 2003 the Minister of Finance.

Source: MFA - Foreign Office of Israel

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