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VIDEO: Tel Aviv is 100 years
News about IsraelJerusalem / Tel Aviv, Israel. ( - News about Israel)

The Israeli city of Tel Aviv, the Hebrew, modern, liberal and progressive economic heart of Israel, began this Saturday to celebrate for everything high his first hundred years of life. The principal avenues of the White City dawned on Saturday adorned with flags of the centenary, garlands of sheets and thousands of bulbs and they were cheered up by the performances of musicians and actors to celebrate his first century of life. Approximately 250.000 persons gave themselves appointment in the place to celebrate 100 years of "the city that he never rests", as it calls him often in Israel.

On Saturday in the night official opening happened to the celebrations with a multitudinous celebration in the central Square Rabin. An out-standing list of famous artists informed in the event, with enormous screens reflecting every minute of the coloring spectacle, musical bands touching on roofs of buildings and an impressive deployment of fireworks adorning the sky.

Ron Huldai, the mayor of Tel Aviv, already summed up days behind his satisfaction: "Hundred years later, the vision of the founders of our city, who looked at the sand dunes and saw the vibrant potential, has been realized. Tel Aviv Yaffo is a strong global city which 400.000 residents are proud to call his hearth".

Something of history

Very much it has happened from that April, 1909 in which 66 Jewish families that were living in the judeo-Arab city of Jaffo decided to construct a new quarter, Ahuzat Bait, opposite to the coast that will be a time later "the first Hebrew city in the modern times".

It was in the Museum of Tel Aviv that on May 14, 1948, while Jerusalem David Ben Gurion was besieged by the troops of the Arab Legion (the Jordanian army, in eve of the war of Independence), the leader of that time of the Jewish community in the country, - the one who turned into the prime minister - declared the independence of the State of Israel.


Tel Aviv is the most heterogeneous city of Israel, in which several very unlike worlds coexist. It is the city of the highest towers of the country - between which it stands out of the Center Azrieli, 50 apartments, at the entry itself of the city, coming from the south - but also of the biggest parks, especially the Haiarkon. It is considered to be on the one hand the most secular city of Israel, the most liberal and open, and for other. his Rabbi Chief, Israel Meir Lau, says that "it is a very Jewish city, with 545 synagogs, 200 classes of daily religious studies and very much respect feeling for the tradition".

Already in 1933, one of the most dear poets of Israel, Natan Alterman, it predicted that it would be "the capital of the entertainment" in Israel.

It has an endless number of varied coffees, open clubs the whole night; there are the bought coloring of Najalat Biniamin - that fills with street artists and handmade positions of all kinds, especially every Friday in the morning - and the popular Boulevard Rotschild, in the north part of the city.

"In Tel Aviv you can go out dressed as you want; nobody looks at you, because one is rarer than other", mentions Eti, a young student and tells that "in Jerusalem, where I was born, it is different, because the people of the city are more conservative". And really, in his streets, the sensation is that "there is of everything".

"Nobody can take his place from Jerusalem, the sacred city, the millennial one", says to us Shlomo Lahat, which was a mayor of Tel Aviv for 20 years. "But for me, Tel Aviv is the soul, the most vibrant city of Israel". Not only beaches and diversion. It is also a city of culture and business. The ex-manager Lahat counts proudly on the opera, the central ballet, the National theater Habima, the centers of dance, the theater in Russian, the University... everything what it calls "the jewels of Tel Aviv". "East is a beautiful birthday, because it has become great in the first Hebrew city", he says.

"There were many localities before Tel Aviv, but like a big city, something so special as what we see today, is only", he sums up proudly. In 2003, "the White City" of Tel Aviv was declared by the UNESCO like Cultural heritage of the Humanity, by the concentration of buildings emphasized from the architectural style Bauhaus.

Economic center

Tel Aviv is he makes already great the economic, financial and commercial center of Israel. In Tel Aviv one declared the independence of the State of Israel. According to the teacher Baruch Kipnis, 70 % of the financial institutions of the country is located in the city, as 63 % of the companies of high technology and 74 % of the work places in companies of new emprendimientos.

Mario Burstein, who directs for five years the Chamber of Commerce Israel - Latin America, gives faith of the centrality of Tel Aviv. It seems symbolic to him that the camera - one of 44 bilateral ones that exist and that operate in the city - has been founded exactly in Tel Aviv.

In conversation he mentions that "whenever the camera realizes some meeting, when it does it in Tel Aviv, that it is the normal thing, it is a big success, with the presence from 70 to 80 companies, up to 120, but when we wanted to open towards Haifa or Jerusalem the results were much minor because most of the Israeli companies have head office in Tel Aviv".

The municipal authorities try to do of the anniversary a focus that illuminates the city and places it in the routes of the international tourism, for what they have designed a program of celebrations that will extend during the whole year.

"In the celebrations they will have fitted all kinds of activities: there will be a marathon, a competition of windsurfing, the biennial one of art, we will inaugurate sculptures and infrastructures and will open the Museum of the History of Tel Aviv", it added. Tomorrow a big concert will be celebrated in the square Rabín, more of of thousand artists they will act in several stages and the mayor, Ron Huldai, will light hundred sails in a giant cake.

Tel Aviv is a city "full of happiness of living, opening and tolerance", in words of Juldai, who yesterday evening presided at the ceremony of opening of the centenary accompanied by the president of the country, Shimón Peres.

'Tel Aviv' is the translation to the Hebrew of "Spring hills", or "Altneuland' (Old woman - piece of news ground in German), title of one of the books of the founder of the political Zionism, Theodor Herzl. The Jewish immigrants who founded it wanted to create here a species of New York of Middle East which port was serving as entry to the Earth of Israel for the Jews who then were beginning coming to the region with the Zionist sleep of constructing here the State for the people. Opposite to the kibbutz farmers and collectivists favored by the Zionism of then, Tel Aviv bet for the culture, the bourgeoisie and the sophistication.

It created wide avenues with space for the cars and one opened to the modern architecture Bauhaus; most of the constructions of this style still survives and for the proliferation of these buildings the city patrimony of the humanity was recognized by the UNESCO in the year 2003.

Nowadays, the inhabitants of Tel Aviv keep on betting for the modernity and the opening so that his city is the most western of the whole Middle East.

EFE / BBC World

© 2009 - The Place of the Earth Saint, Israel (News about Israel)
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