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Investigation in Jerusalem on the audition of the human beings and animals
News about IsraelJerusalem / Tel Aviv, Israel. ( - News about Israel)

Do the human beings listen better than the animals? It is known that several species of terrestrial and aquatic animals are capable of hearing high and low frequencies which the human beings also are capable of detecting. Nevertheless scientists of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem together with other companions demonstrated, for the first time, how the reactions of simple neurons grant to the human being the aptitude to detect subtle differences in sound frequencies, better than the animals.

The find was discovered using a skill of observation of the activity of simple neurons in the auditory crust while they were exposed to diverse auditory stimuli. The auditory crust has a central roll in the cerebral sound perception.

The current knowledge on the auditory crust was based on the early studies that investigated the activity neuronal in animals while these were exposed to diverse sounds. While these studies have offered information invaluable on the process of the sound in the auditory system, there is no podium to clarify the distinctive attributes of the human auditory system.

The experimental study on the activity neuronal in the auditory crust of the human being has been limited, till now, by not invasive skills that only provide a raw image with how the brain answers to the different sounds. Nevertheless, recently, investigators of the Hebrew University, together with scientists of the University of California, of the University of Los Angeles (UCLA), of the Medical center Sourasky in Tel Aviv and of the Institute of Sciences Weizmann, managed to record successfully the activity of the simple neurons in the auditory crust while they were exposed to auditory stimuli.

This was possible thanks to the opportunity that appeared before them during an innovative and complicated procedure, in which the activity was exhibited neuronal abnormal with the target to improve the surgical treatment of the epilepsy.

Between the Investigators find the Prof. Israel Nelken, Dpto. of Neurobiology in the Institute of Life sciences in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; the Prof. Itzhak Fried, UCLA and the Medical center Sourasky in Tel Aviv; and the Prof. Rafi Malach, Institute of Sciences Weizmann, together with his students Yael Bitterman and Roy Mukamel. Journal Nature was published his work in.

In the test in which the answer to artificial sounds measured itself, the investigators thought that neurons in the human auditory crust answered specially to frequencies with an unexpected presición. Different frequencies as small as a quarter of tone (in the western music, the smallest interval is of half a tone) were detected individually by simple neurons.

The human auditory resolution found in this find, it exceeds that of any another species of mammals (excepting to the bats), giving I support to the possible hypothesis – the human auditory system allows to discriminate between different auditory frequencies better than the auditory system of the animals. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the representation neuronal of frequency in the human brain has the only characteristics.

In the course of the investigation, while the patients were exposed to sounds of ¨ real world ¨ - including dialogues, music and pother of fund - the neurons exhibited complex patterns of activity, which might not be explained being based only on the selective frequency of the same neurons. This phenomenon was seen in studies on animals, but never earlier in human beings.

Thus it was possible to have observed that, in contrast to the artificial sounds, sounds with relevancy in the human conduct such like dialogues and music, processors dependent on his context occupy other mechanisms in the human auditory crust.

Source: The Clock

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Images of Israel

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