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Israeli investigation on the functioning of the mind
News about IsraelJerusalem / Tel Aviv, Israel. ( - News about Israel)

A new investigation that took place in the University of Haifa managed to identify to a specific, essential protein for the process of the consolidation of the long-term memory. East is the last one of several of the discoveries that lead us towards a better understanding of one of the most complex processes in the nature – the process of the creation of the memory and the consolidation in the human brain. The latter investigation was published recently in the prestigious journal Nature Neuroscience.

The human brain constantly receives sensory stimuli of the exterior world: Visual, tacts, tastes, smells, noises. A very small fraction of these stimuli that are registered in the short-term memory, in fact goes so far as to be part of our long-term memory. In previous studies in the laboratory for "Molecular Mechanisms of Learning and Memory", in the University of Haifa, they identified a protein connected to the quality of long-term memoirs. In the current study, the investigators wanted to understand how the long-term memoirs become stable.

The team of investigation led by the professor Kobi Rosenblum, the Director of the Department of Neurobiology and Ethology in the University of Haifa, and the student (Ph. D.) Alina Elkobi jointly with the Dra. Katya Belelovsky and Dra. Liza Barki and with the cooperation of the Dra. Ingrid Ehrlich of the Institute of Friedrich Miescher in the University of Basel, Switzerland, they looked for a protein that is present during the process of the formation of the memory and is really an essential factor in the process.

Using the taste in the mice like a way of learning, the investigators found the induction related to learning of the protein PSD-95 in the cerebral cortex "center of taste" during the process of the creation of memory. Nevertheless, when the mice were exposed to well-known tastes, PSD-95 was not induced by it in this center of the cerebral cortex.

In order to demonstrate that PSD-95 it is essential for the process of the creation of the memory, the investigators used to two groups different from mice that had been put to the same tests for learning across the taste. Using the genetic engineering, the investigators stopped the process of the production PSD-95 in the neurons "of the center of taste" in the crust. The group whose production PSD-95 was stopped did not have any memory of new tastes, while another group remembered the tastes – demonstrating that a new memory was created when PSD-95 was induced by it and that the information disappeared of the brain when the protein was not induced.

The study kept on examining the effect of the production PSD-95 in existing memoirs. The mice that had been introduced in her and remembered that certain tastes were genetically manipulated to stop producing the protein and they still remembered the tastes – demonstrating that while the induction PSD-95 is essential for the memory creation, his absence does not affect the retention of the memory.

The process of the creation of long-term memory in the human brain is one of the incredible processes that is so clearly different from the "artificial brain" like those in a computer. While "an artificial brain" absorbs the information and immediately he keeps it in his memory, the human brain keeps on treating the information much after be received, and the memoirs quality depends on how the information is processed. One of the first processes that are affected in neurodegenerativas illnesses like Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson is the acquisition and the prosecution of the memory.

In this investigation we identify a specific protein, between many you activate others in the sinapsis of the brain, which production is essential to treat and to remember the information that the celebro receives. When more we understand the processes and elements involved in this complicated process, more soon we will be capable of developing medicines that will delay the progression of cognitive degenerative illnesses and will allow to patients to continue with the normative functions, "the Prof explains. Rosenblum.

Source: The Clock

© 2009 - The Place of the Earth Saint, Israel (News about Israel)
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