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Israeli device increases the efficacy of the biopsies of lung
News about IsraelJerusalem / Tel Aviv, Israel. ( - News about Israel)

Every year, more than three million persons all over the world confront the hard proof of surrendering to a lung biopsy.
Often the doctors realize the procedure using bronchoscopes - instruments that wind inside the lungs taking minuscule cameras and surgical hardware.
To use the bronchoscope means that the biopsy can be realized by a danger and insignificant trauma for the patient. Nevertheless, most of the suspicious injuries of lung are located in peripheral areas of the lungs where the bronchoscope for itself cannot come. Consequently, the numbers of success are low and the false positives are common. The patient often must choose between the repetition of the broncoscopia or the highly invasive alternative surgical protocols of high risk.
Now, an Israeli company provides a solution to this problem on having developed a system to continue visually the location of the bronchoscope used in the biopsies of lung. The technology of prosecution of image and location of injuries, call superDimension/Bronchus, was patented last year by superdimension, of Herzliya, Israel, and it allows the use of the bronchoscope in many other lung biopsies.

Better SuperDimension/Bronchus the traditional broncoscopia allowing to reach peripheral injuries target with many major accuracy and reliability. The company says that if everything is fine, the technology might allow procedures based on the broncoscopia on 80 per cent of the biopsies of lung, compared with 50 per cent today.

If this prediction is confirmed, and the technology goes so far as to be universally available, almost a million persons every year will save a major pulmonary surgery.

"In practice today, we can see the problem, but we cannot come to him. With this new skill, we can go really there and see where we are, where we need to be, and what trajectory to take to come to our white person", tells David Feller-Kopman, pulmonary specialist in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center of Boston, to the MIT Technological Review. "It is the future of the broncoscopia".

The system generates images in 3D from pre-operative explorations CT of the lungs of the patient, creating a map of the lungs. This "guide of highways" then continues the movement and location of a sensor placed in the extremity of a tool to this end inserted across the bronchoscope.

The movements and the position of the sensor are continued in real-time on the virtual image 3D of the lungs, allowing the doctor to sail along areas of the lungs of the patient that once were unattainable.

SuperDimension/Bronchus is completely compatible with any standard bronchoscope or tool broncoscópica. The system is used in an operating theater of regular broncoscopias, and his use does not involve any significant change in the traditional method to realize the broncoscopia.

Every year, the MIT Technological Review looks between thousands of new patents and selects at the first five o'clock that he believes that they will have a major impact in the today world. This year, the magazine recognized after the system superDimension/Bronchus like one of the "patents number one" of 2003 - the only company related to the health between chosen five o'clock.

The system superDimension/Bronchus was chosen for developing an answer to one of the most critical needs for the field of the pulmonología: minimally invasive access to peripheral pulmonary locations.

"We are thrilled of that our system the MIT has been recognized Technological Review for having such a potential. We hope to offer to million patients all over the world a minimally invasive alternative and to the maximum trustworthy to the most invasive procedures and of major risk" there declared David Tolkowsky, CEO of superdimension.

When superdimension presented the system superDimension/Bronchus at the beginning of this year in the Course CME of Diagnosis Broncoscópica Avanzada organized by the faculty of Medicine of Harvard and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, the praises were similar.

", On having allowed to the broncoscopia to gain access to the peripheral regions of the lung with facility, superDimension/Bronchus there increases the probability of which the specialists diagnose with major success. Also, the lymphatic aspiration by means of needle node will turn out to be revolutionized with entire certainty by means of this system", made sure Dr. Atul Mehta, chief of Broncología in the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

"Superdimension will change undoubtedly the future of the broncoscopia of diagnosis. No course CME about the broncoscopia would be finished without offering superDimension/Bronchus", told Dr. Armin Ernst, the director of the program and the Director of Pulmonología in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Superdimension has at present nearly 40 personnel all over the world with his central offices close to Tel Aviv. The European distribution offices are placed in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The system superDimension/Bronchus has received recently the stamp of approval of the CE, and now it is used in Germany and other countries of Germanic language. The request finds the FDA current.

Source: The Clock

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Images of Israel

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